Current Parts / Specs

The C5 corvette came to me stock. Painfully stock, as in still had a tape deck in it stock. A lot of basics had to go or be sorted out to improve the drive quality in general. The following is a rolling list of upgrades and noteworthy maintenance that has been done to the car.

Amazon Seats In a C5 Corvette -- At the Track, with C6 belts, and with a 5 point harness

After my first track day, I knew that seats were next in order to upgrade The OEM seat on the drivers side had collapsed on one side and the seats and belts did not keep me in place. I was using my core to significant excess to stay in place along with whatever area of my body I could make contact with the interior and press against. It was tiring, it did not lend itself to positive car feel and in general wasn't ideal.

C5 Corvette Brake Upgrade Options

NOTE: This is a work in progress. Some measurements may not be entirely correct. Some upgrades I've not captured in here. I'll update it all when I've completed researching. In the mean time, please do contact me if you've got any other suggestions!

1999 C5 Corvette

You may have seen on this website the 1968 Chevy Corvette project of mine. It was my fathers, and I put a large amount of effort into restoring it. Shortly after getting it up and running, I asked the very reasonable question "Well, what do I do with it now that it's done and drivable?" Come to find out... with a classic convertible car, you can't do much.

MOFI-4500 -- 4g LTE Router That's Great for RV/Camper -- MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4

I am blessed with a career where I have been able to work remote for a long time now. It's an amazing luxury that I worked very hard to earn in my life, and it has afforded me amazing work/life balance. This last year or so though I've started to take working remote to remote locations, which is another amazing work/life balance achievement. With that flexibility though comes responsibility, and part of that flexibility is infalliable internet connectivity. I need to not just perform at a normal level, I need to perform at the highest levels so as there can be no doubts.

Getting the Jackson Zen 3.0 out in some class 4, Nirvana picture comparison

As luck would have it, the same river I'd gotten to run the boat on first came in again with even more water. this opened up the opportunity for me to go higher on the river and run through a pretty fun class 4 rapid, called "Big Eddy". This would be a good chance to test this boat in some interesting water, while also running the same section as the week before with significantly more water in it.

First Impression and review of the Jackson Kayak Zen 3.0

I picked up my brand spanking new Yellow Jackson Kayak Zen 3.0 from Next Adventure, and right away the skepticism began. The shop employees and even myself had our doubts. Look at that big rocker with a big fat flat planing surface, won't that just push water? Why does it look like a diesel in the rear? Dear god this is a huge boat. Myself and the others all had our doubts, but shop talk rarely translates to how a boat actually handles on the water, so onward I went.


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