Getting the Jackson Zen 3.0 out in some class 4, Nirvana picture comparison

As luck would have it, the same river I'd gotten to run the boat on first came in again with even more water. this opened up the opportunity for me to go higher on the river and run through a pretty fun class 4 rapid, called "Big Eddy". This would be a good chance to test this boat in some interesting water, while also running the same section as the week before with significantly more water in it.

First Impression and review of the Jackson Kayak Zen 3.0

I picked up my brand spanking new Yellow Jackson Kayak Zen 3.0 from Next Adventure, and right away the skepticism began. The shop employees and even myself had our doubts. Look at that big rocker with a big fat flat planing surface, won't that just push water? Why does it look like a diesel in the rear? Dear god this is a huge boat. Myself and the others all had our doubts, but shop talk rarely translates to how a boat actually handles on the water, so onward I went.

Jackson Zen 3.0 Large Review

The new Zen 3.0 comes at an interesting time in kayak development.

Haibike sdurro full 7 LT -Initial Ride Review with Dropper Testing

After getting the bike together and then waiting nearly a week for the dropper post we ordered to arrive, we finally got the bike together and went for a ride. We're blessed to live just several short blocks from a fun network of trails, although we sometimes drive to the entry solely so we can bring our dogs along without having to slowly walk them through the neighborhood.

Haibike sdurro full 7 LT - Unboxing and initial experience... and it's overall good!

We ordered our Haibike online, and it was on it's way to us within a day. We're in Oregon, and it shipped from California, so the box was delivered to a nearby FedEx location in 4 days. It normally ships to your house, but our situation dictated needing to pickup at a FedEx store in Oregon.

2019 Haibike SD Full Seven LT 3.0 eMTB eBike.

Ebikes are really rad. Haters are going to hate, but after having demod a few, I'm personally pretty sold on them as valuable for whomever choses one for themselves. I can cover more laps, progress fast due to those extra full strength laps, and just get more saddle time while still burning through tons of calories. I get to the top of runs having expended far less of my energy, and I'm able to ride at my full potential on the way done, which is arguably safer.

2013 A frame Camper

Full writeup to come, but after many months of research, and years of wishing, I treated myself and my Fiance to an A frame camper. It's pretty darn awesome, and with some minor modifications it should be able to function in remote locations for long periods of time, even allowing me to work remotely and my Fiance to pursue her Graduates Degree.

More information to come.

Comparison + Initial pool review -- 2016 Jackson Rockstar (3.0) and the new Jackson Rockstar 4.0

Our most excellent local Jackson Kayak dealer, Alder Creek Canoe & Kayak does a pretty good job of keeping Jackson demo boats in stock. It's no secret thought that we're often the LAST stop from Tenesee when it comes to shipping boats out, and Alder doesn't seem to have the budget to get shipment of the demo boats outside of their regular orders... so we rarely get the chance to demo them early.


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