Track Day 05 - Streets of Willow Springs CW

Keeping with my trend of a track day every other week, I hit up a pretty affordable Streets of Willow Springs Clockwise day. I had new components to try out, with some fresh QA1 coilovers, Progress swaybars, and the Electrosport Wheel Well vents. I was able to meet up with a fellow C5 owner, whose C5 unfortunately was down and so they were there in a Focus ST. We also met a fellow with a pretty rowdy 2019 Ford Mustang, and I can't recall the model but given he was rolling on 315 front 325 rear tires, his car was definitely built to shred!

Track Day 03 - No changes but all fun @ Button Willow CW 13

After the first two track days, I was gunning to hit my third track day with some notable upgrades. Unfortunately shipping woes would not allow it as two of my incoming tires dissappeared. How two of 4 tires all sent out at the same time go missing is beyond me, but eh that's not my problem as I was later sent out two tires.

Current Parts / Specs

This page will hopefully continue to serve as a place where I can keep track of the current modifcations done to the Miata. Some modifications and work were performed to the vehicle prior to my ownership, and I will update to include that information as soon as I discover them.

2007 Mazda Miata NC MX-5

Our NC Miata Track car parked in front of the Streets of Willow art wall with the soft top down. It has a prominent roll bar, a lexan spoiler, and a DIY ebay front lower lip

C5 Corvette Useful Links and Documentation

This page will be used to capture links and reference documents/images so as I can find it later and/or other folks may benefit from it.

C5 Corvette Wheel Well Vents to Louvers - A how to, a review, and does it matter in the rain.

Picture of a C5 Corvette with wheel well vents that go out to the trackspec hood louvers

I purchased some Hood Louvers for my 1999 C5 Corvette after watching a variety of youtube videos all claiming it helped with cooling. My goal first and foremost with the Corvette was to keep it cool. As an added bonus, the louvers looked REALLY friggen good on the Corvette, so I was all about installing them.


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