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DISCLAIMER: No amount of guns, explosives, ammunition or anything can save me, or you, from ourselves! Every project, writeup, review, opinion, thought, tangent, comment, recipe, instruction or whatever you find herein is to be taken with a million grains of salt and the realization that this is written by a complete amateur with little intrinsic sense of self preservation. Basically, these are the ramblings of a sometimes trained but frequently clueless monkey who can and does get hurt doing this, and you probably won't fair any better yourself! Proceed at your own risk!

The Honda Accordian is a 2004 Honda Accord built for Lemons racing along with being a fun autosports toy of low consequence and relatively easy entry. It continues to be built by a bunch of friends of varying automotive experience... Read More

You may have seen on this website the 1968 Chevy Corvette project of mine. It was my fathers, and I put a large amount of effort into restoring it. Shortly after getting it up and running, I asked the very reasonable question "... Read More

When it comes to my life, if I'm having fun doing it, it's worth sharing and doing with others. Track days have proven no exception in my 1999 Corvette C5 track project car, as I have quickly come to enjoy it very much and I've even... Read More

One of my fathers prized posessions was his 1968 Chevy Corvette. It was a pearl white classic muscle car, that he was proud of. It overloaded your senses when whisking you down the road, and was an experience to be had for sure. It was my... Read More

Full writeup to come, but after many months of research, and years of wishing, I treated myself and my Fiance to an A frame camper. It's pretty darn awesome, and with some minor modifications it should be able to function in remote... Read More

In the fall of 2017 I found myself with some extra time on my hands and the whitewater runs to have been overly charged. I needed additional exercise in my life that included cardio, as in whitewater kayaking you distinctly avoided being... Read More

I love making things. I also like a good challenge. The idea of just throwing money outright at something just doesn't interest me... or maybe it's that I don't have that much money! Knowing this about myself, I frequently find myself... Read More

I should have just renamed this blog CHEAP SHRED JESSE as I constantly am trying to do things on the cheap. To demonstrate my point, the same day I ran out to get this trailer, I went and bought a cheap hunting rifle because the price was... Read More

The timing was really perfect. I had just broken my femur riding Motocross, my last time on a sport bike at a race trick I'd been clobbered and re-broken my colarbone requiring yet another surgery to attach it all together... and my last... Read More