1999 C5 Corvette

199 C5 Corvette

You may have seen on this website the 1968 Chevy Corvette Project of mine. It was my fathers, and I put a large amount of effort into restoring it. Shortly after getting it up and running, I asked the  very reasonable question "Well, what do I do with it now that it's done and drivable?" Come to find out... with a classic convertible car, you can't do much. Autocross is feasible but some groups don't allow it. Track days are out without adding a rollbar which would run it's value, and the drag strip is out as it will surely run 13.99 or under. That limits it to sitting around at car shows with old dudes, and going to eat ice cream. I've never been much of a sunday driver, and I don't really get the point of paying to be the attraction in a car show. In the end, it was just not the kind of car I would have ever picked up for myself, and I got pretty bored with the Corvette fast.

Having done motorcycle track days, I knew there was fun to be had. So I saved my money from working a second job and treated myself to a 1999 Chevy Corvette. It seemed like the best choice out there for the price. It's outfitted well enough from the factory to be a blast with great handling, a reasonable weight and a solid platform upon which to expand. Seemed like a solid option.

I spent the better part of a month or so searching. Most people wanted way more than was reasonable for their Corvettes. I test drove a few C6 Corvettes, and they all had profuse leaking issues and damage. I finally found a 1999 Corvette in San Diego that got a clean bill of health for an automotive shope. I arranged a solid deal with the owner, flew down to pick it up, and the rest is history.

Not sure where this Corvette will take me, but the plan is to try all 3 varieities of auto events that I have my eye on: Autocross, Drag Strip, and Track days. Then I can say I've tried it all, and if any of them catch my fancy I can pursue those further. If none of it catches my fancy, I can sell the Corvette at a slight loss and pursue chasing life in some other facet... maybe by getting ice cream in my 1968 Corvette.