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C5 Alignment - Starting Point Suggestions

This is a very much ongoing document that is currently in the early phases. I am trying to capture as much information here as I can for retention by the community at large along with establishing baseline suggestions.

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Useful Information per Spec Corvette (09-05-2022)

Track Day 10 - (TBD) - Streets of Willow - Rollbar, 5 pt harnesses and fixed coil-over

The next track day will, weather and life allowing, be December 17th at Streets Of Willow again. This track keeps timing wise working out for me. Added bonus, these track days with this particular organization are are also the most affordable, with their price beating others by over half of. It's one of those perks of getting my girlfriend into track days as everyone remembers her and hooks us up with deals!

Repairs, upgrades and general plans for this track day:

So there were three significant upgrades done to my car going into this track day.

C5 Corvette - DIY Accusump & Oil Cooler Install

When it comes to things you worry about on a car you track... blowing up a significant part of the drivetrain is a serious concern for most. The engine blowing up is definitely one of the biggest concerns in that regard, and definitely one of my largest concerns with my C5 corvette.

While some folk build their cars for maximum power, I've chosen to focus on reliability and handling. One of the main areas you can take a C5 corvette and increase reliaibility is through ensuring the oiling is good and the engine temperatures don't get too high.

Track Day 3 & 4 - Now with more downforce and a fresh clutch!

Between the last track session and this one we were able to accomplish a fair bit! Coming into the track weekend we'd sorted out, fixed and upgraded the following.

C5 Corvette Sway Bar Sizes & Spring Rate Research Notes

While researching coilovers and then subsequently researching why the QA1 coilovers understeered and drove like shit, I took a lot of notes on sway bar diameters along with spring rates. A lot of informaiton I took from other folks and from various forum posts. Here's my collated information from researching these things.

Track Day 8 + 9 - Streets of Willow -- New PB, great driver experience improvements, but blown coilover!

Back to back track weekends at the exact same track? Seems like a recipe for being able to really test changes and seek improvements!

Track Day 6 + 7 - Streets of Willow -- Chunky tires, adjusted suspension, and more!

While the time between this track day and the last were mostly spent getting the NC Miata up to speed for my Girlfriend to try out track days with, the C5 Corvette also received some significant attention. While the previous track day had yielded significant track time improvements, the understeer on the car was quite noticable. After consulting with some folks the advice I received was two fold: The tires I'm running are pretty narrow for the job, and the rear suspension is likely too soft.

Track Day 5 - Streets of Willow Springs CW

Keeping with my trend of a track day every other week, I hit up a pretty affordable Streets of Willow Springs Clockwise day. I had new components to try out, with some fresh QA1 coilovers, Progress swaybars, and the Electrosport Wheel Well vents. I was able to meet up with a fellow C5 owner, whose C5 unfortunately was down and so they were there in a Focus ST. We also met a fellow with a pretty rowdy 2019 Ford Mustang, and I can't recall the model but given he was rolling on 315 front 325 rear tires, his car was definitely built to shred!


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