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My Kayak Comparison Chart (River runners/creekers & Playboat categories)

This will be an ongoing chart where I compare boats i've paddled to each other along some common categories. I'll try and maintain this as best as I can! This is a list for river running, up to class IV, and I've used to determine what boat I want to get into when I think I'm going paddling at my maximum skill. I tend to get in smaller more fun boats when I'm more in my comfort zone!

2013 A frame Camper

Full writeup to come, but after many months of research, and years of wishing, I treated myself and my Fiance to an A frame camper. It's pretty darn awesome, and with some minor modifications it should be able to function in remote locations for long periods of time, even allowing me to work remotely and my Fiance to pursue her Graduates Degree.

More information to come.

Comparison + Initial pool review -- 2016 Jackson Rockstar (3.0) and the new Jackson Rockstar 4.0

Our most excellent local Jackson Kayak dealer, Alder Creek Canoe & Kayak does a pretty good job of keeping Jackson demo boats in stock. It's no secret thought that we're often the LAST stop from Tenesee when it comes to shipping boats out, and Alder doesn't seem to have the budget to get shipment of the demo boats outside of their regular orders... so we rarely get the chance to demo them early.

Jackson Rockstar 4.0 Review

Suspension Overhaul / Potential Maximization

Shortly after initially building this bike, I found myself falling in love with mountain biking. I also found myself hating climbing uphill, and loving shredding downhill. I was contemplating building out another bike (as I do love bike builds) however... it seemed wasteful to turn my bike on this build so soon. Plus, the real reason I was hating uphills is I'm out of shape, which will hopefully be changing. I hopped on my bike again and shredded it, only to remembered all the reasons I love it.

Initial Build Out

The build began simple enough: The frame.

2017 Trek Fuel EX 8 frame. Included was a bottom bracket, headset and... just about nothing else.

From there, the build out. Just what was I looking for in a bike?

2017 Trek Fuel EX 8 Buildout - 27.5+

In the fall of 2017 I found myself with some extra time on my hands and the whitewater runs to have been overly charged. I needed additional exercise in my life that included cardio, as in whitewater kayaking you distinctly avoided being tapped out on air as at any given moment you may need to be underwater for a (hopefully) short stint. I also used to mountain bike back in the day, and then spent a lot of time doing motocross.

2018 - New Master Cylinder, Rocker Panels, and Wiper cover reinstall

So a new trend with the Corvette seems to be jamming in a lot of visual and/or functional chunks of work right before the annual Rod Run To The End of the World. This year appeared to be no exception, with a few items standing out that I could wrap up to improve the overall look and performance of the Corvette.

SSBC Polished Aluminum Master Cylinder


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