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DISCLAIMER: No amount of guns, explosives, ammunition or anything can save me, or you, from ourselves! Every project, writeup, review, opinion, thought, tangent, comment, recipe, instruction or whatever you find herein is to be taken with a million grains of salt and the realization that this is written by a complete amateur with little intrinsic sense of self preservation. Basically, these are the ramblings of a sometimes trained but frequently clueless monkey who can and does get hurt doing this, and you probably won't fair any better yourself! Proceed at your own risk!

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This will be an ongoing chart where I compare boats i've paddled to each other along some common categories. I'll try and maintain this as best as I can! This is a list for river running, up to class IV, and I've used to determine what boat I want to get into when I think I'm... Read More

It's nice to have good friends. It's even better when they're similar enough builds to you, and the best when they all also paddle Jackson Kayaks. That was the story of getting on the river today. The Nirvana large had just hit the local paddle shop, and one friend had already... Read More

Jackson Kayak Antix in the back of my truck.

A further far more updated and indepth review is in order. The short version goes like this:Got boat, compared to 2016 rockstar I just didn't like it.Paddled on a personally challenging Creek, didn't like it.Paddled on creek in my comfort level, started to dig it..Ran more... Read More

I really enjoy shooting trap at my local trap club. I enjoy it so much, I bought three pump or semi-auto shotguns I picked and for all of them it wasn't until a year after purchase that I discovered they had hunting round restrictors in the magazines. I'd just been shooting one... Read More

A lot of people were pretty convinced that Hillary clinton was going to win the election in 2016. I know that the media, polls, and social media surely made it seem like she had it all but bagged up. I thought the same as well, and even though I had a surprise insight into the... Read More

I hate pawn shops.There's one particular website I frequent which is setup so as I can purchase firearms and receive them locally for notably reduced shipping costs and transfers fees.. I just select from a few local FFL dealers, and I'm good to go. Unfortunately for me, all of... Read More

Enjoying a multitude of different firearms directly conflicts with reasonable aspects of your average persons life. Things like having enough money leftover for food, maintiang your house, making your car payment are all examples of reasonable parts of your average persons life... Read More

The AT Eddy has been my primary paddle since I really got into paddling, and remains my primary paddle of choice. I picked my first one up with my first boat years ago. I got a heck of a deal on it from Next Adventure, and I have to say I was impressed by the quality of the... Read More

While traveling back east to visit family, I decided to go paddle some whitewater with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, we not only had to pay to demo kayaks, but if wanted a paddle worth a damn we had to pay to demo them. Rather than put money towards nothing, I instead put the... Read More

I purchased a Vortex Strike Eage 1-6x scope after a recent outing at my local gun range. I had mostly been shooting in the woods around my prior residence, and at an actual range I found my AR-15 with a Vortex red dot a bit limiting. Sure I could shoot decent enough to be... Read More