2017 Antix Large review | Jackson Kayak

The short version goes like this:

  1. Got boat, compared to 2016 rockstar I just didn't like it.
  2. Paddled on a personally challenging Creek, wasn't sold on it.
  3. Paddled on creek in my comfort level, started to dig it.
  4. Ran more rivers, kept digging it more. Changed how I do squirts, worked better for me..
  5. Took ACA instructor training course. 5 days back to back. Nailed the course and fell in love with the boat. Attribute course success to the boat.
  6. Ran EFL and a bunch of other fun class IV rivers, along with hucked a bunch of waterfalls, really digging the boat now

A full detailed update is to follow. At this time though, this is a great boat for a wide variety of reasons, but all of them involve a solid amount of good skills. This boat isn't as fun as othe boats if you aren't a refined paddler. In a playboat, you can muscle it around a fair bit (at least, in a good Jackson Playboat). In a Karma, you've got ultra stability and a forgiving edge. The antix can't be muscled around as much, nor is it as forgiving. That said though, once you get the finese, it's a pretty rewarding boat. 

For that reason, it's not necessarily great for beginners who want to rush on out there. It is however great for people who want to progress and really refine their paddling, have some fun along the way, and be good. If you're an amazing boater, well then there shouldn't be a question as to how this boat will work for you. My hindsight is now 20/20 and I really dig this boat

I highly recommend this boat now
....to the right person, or the person desiring to become the right person and willing to work on the fundamental skills and precision needed to get there.