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I am blessed with a career where I have been able to work remote for a long time now. It's an amazing luxury that I worked very hard to earn in my life, and it has afforded me amazing work/life balance. This last year or so though I've started to take working remote to... Read More

The new Zen 3.0 comes at an interesting time in kayak development.Every company has it's race inspired boat now. The Pyranha 9R, Dagger Phantom, Jackson Nirvana. The thing about these race boats though is that they're developed by great paddlers, who nail their lines spot on,... Read More

Ebikes are really rad. Haters are going to hate, but after having demod a few, I'm personally pretty sold on them as valuable for whomever choses one for themselves. I can cover more laps, progress fast due to those extra full strength laps, and just get more saddle time while... Read More

This will be my ongoing review of the Jackson Rockstar 4.0. It will contain my experience and the experiences of the other playboaters I know, on the rivers near us in the Portland OR area.The style of playboating that predominantly occurs here is "downriver playboating" as I... Read More

Doesn't the fun look like a great boat in that picture? Nice and vertical, long controllable ends, the bow is down and balanced. It looks pretty sick right?Myself and a good friend that I consider largely my playboating equal, Tim Layzell, thought maybe so a few years back. Tim... Read More

It's no secret. I'm a huge fan of Jackson Kayaks. I pretty much exclusively paddle them. There's a variety of reasons, but many of them relate to the fact I just feel that the way EJ makes his boats work really well for my build. His company also tends to cater to most builds... Read More

I've now been paddling the Nirvana since the fall of 2017, which at the time of this review puts me at about six months or so of paddling this boat. I've taken it on class 4 rivers, I've done back to back comparisons on my favorite sections of river for judging boats with my... Read More

It's nice to have good friends. It's even better when they're similar enough builds to you, and the best when they all also paddle Jackson Kayaks. That was the story of getting on the river today. The Nirvana large had just hit the local paddle shop, and one friend had already... Read More

The short version goes like this:Got boat, compared to 2016 rockstar I just didn't like it.Paddled on a personally challenging Creek, wasn't sold on it.Paddled on creek in my comfort level, started to dig it.Ran more rivers, kept digging it more. Changed how I do squirts, worked... Read More

The AT Eddy has been my primary paddle since I really got into paddling, and remains my primary paddle of choice. I picked my first one up with my first boat years ago. I got a heck of a deal on it from Next Adventure, and I have to say I was impressed by the quality of the... Read More