Jackson Rockstar 4.0 Review

This will be my ongoing review of the Jackson Rockstar 4.0. It will contain my experience and the experiences of the other playboaters I know, on the rivers near us in the Portland OR area.

The style of playboating that predominantly occurs here is "downriver playboating" as I like to describe it. Squirt out of eddies, cartwheel eddy lines, wave wheels, splats... all that fun. We don't really have friendly retentive features, we don't really have consistent park and play features.

Many of us were huge fans of the 2016 Rockstar for downriver playboating, but everyones mileage seems to vary. A girl who I often playboated with preferred the 2014, others said it wasn't retentive enough... there's a lot going on here.

I'll update the reviews as I experience the boat more and more.