The Beginning of the End...


I remember my first week out on my own better than I remember the first girl I dated. I was sitting there in my shoebox studio apartment, thinking that I could do whatever I wanted! I could do anything no matter how wise, short sighted, or how many times my parents had told me never to even consider it! The world was mine for the taking.

It's all been downhill since then...

I'm lucky to be alive in this day and age. Anything I want to learn is a google search, internet forum, a few dollars, and a UPS package away from trying. Want to be an amatuer electrician? GO FOR IT! Crossbows? WE DELIVER! Explosives? TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

All stupidity aside, this is where I'll share my experiences and hobbies with others. Be they product reviews, how to's, or just a write up of things I've done, I wanted somewhere to write about it, and here it is. A lot of my hobbies aren't all that dangerous, some of them are. It all depends on the reader...

So who is Shred Jesse?

Glad you asked... and I'll never tell! It's a moniker is the short answer. The long answer is I work in a field where if they didn't at least Google my name to consider me for a job they wouldn't be serious enough to consider taking a job from. I am not ashamed of my hobies, but we live in trying times and controversy is abound. Ontop of varying opinions and beliefs... a smart employer is going to skip hiring some one with my lack of self preservation in favor of that boring pencil pusher whose most dangerous activity is driving his five star crash rated vehicle to work every morning and then back to his safe subscription to cable television.

Such is the future. The seperation had to come to be a nescessity.

Why Shred Jesse?

In general having a lack of self preservation has attracted me to things like snowboarding, skateboarding, and in turn a variety of other dangerous acitivites when performed at an advanced level. Needles to say, the term "shred" just fit the bill for what I like to do. A challenge, an adrenaline rush, a push to conquer whatever the hell is in my way... etc etc.