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I'm a bit of a sucker for good deals. I also like having enough things to share, I like trying new things, and I'm not broke. This has been the perfect combination of criteria twice now for me with Fluid Kayaks. Fluid kayks had two giant blowout sales of both their 2013 and 2014... Read More

I've now paddled the Jackson Superhero enough to be past the point of buyers bias, and I can post a hopefully fair review. I started white water kayaking and for my first season I was in a Dagger Kayana 10.4. I did the AMC white water school, and had done about 12 trips on white... Read More

So I was sitting there on my couch, laid up with a broken femur... thinking I need something to do that I can do with a screwed up leg. Kayaking came to mind, and so I picked up a kayak and paddled my days away on the pretty lakes surrounding my house.Being the kind of person... Read More