Dagger Katana 10.4

So I was sitting there on my couch, laid up with a broken femur... thinking I need something to do that I can do with a screwed up leg. Kayaking came to mind, and so I picked up a kayak and paddled my days away on the pretty lakes surrounding my house.

Being the kind of person who breaks bones a lot... paddling around a lake only lasted so long, and I found myself craving adventure and adrenaline rushes as per usual. White water kayaking was a natural progression from there, and with all the long rivers around me... it seemed like overnight trips was also a fun way to go about everything. So, with that in mind, I did some research on crossover kayaks, and everything seemd to be a good fit. Then, as chance would have it, I found an amazing deal on a Katana 10.4. The owner had picked it up, spent 10 days on the Colorado river, and was over it. The deal was too good to pass up!

So that's how I came to own the Katana. My first white water kayak. Here's an ongoing review of it from the perspective of a relatively new kayaker progressing onwards to being a solid intermediate paddler... and probably beyond!