Can you do your own DIY car rear wing and what is THEORETICALLY involved in doing so?

So I'm just dumb enough to think that i can sometimes do stuff myself either better or for cheaper. I also just sometimes enjoy the process enough to want to do it myself even knowing I'll get worse results than if I just paid somebody with more experience to do it for me. Still, call me a gambler but I want to try it for myself.

Just how much do track days actually cost?

Instructing @ Streets of Willow Nov 2023 18th + 19th

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog section! This wil be my first post in this now reserructed section where I will put infromation about experiences adjacent to all of my other projects. I don't want to bog down other project writings with lots of semi-related text, so I'll be writing about it all here. So, I'm starting this up again by covering my instructing experience @ Streets of Willow in November of 2023 on the 18th and 19th!

Track Day 22 + 23 -- Streets of Willow -- Part 1 of Bring the C5 to WA

NOTE: There's a lot of non-corvette information in here as I was instructing and I wrote a lot about the instruction. I'm going to be coming back to this article and seperating out the instructing notes from the C5 specific information and putting that all into a blog post and linking to it in here rather than writing about it all here, so forgive how long this is currently!

Track Day 15-16 - SOW CW+CCW And New PB's in each direction!

Another track weekend, and more success! The Miata continues to hold up pretty good! Aside from needing to change the front brake pads, the car conintues to go very easy on consumables. The Hankook Ventus RS4 tires continue to show minimal wear but deliver exceptional grip as well. The car also served double duty again as I had a student in a bit too much car for the track and we instead had them hop in the NC Miata for their last session and they loved it!

Boh set a personal best going in both directions, each incidentally .01 seconds within each other!

Track Day 13+14 - SOW CW + CCW - New PB, Amazing Car that is just begging for a 2.5 swap!

Coming into the track weekend with the MX5 Miata there really wasn't anything new mechanically to speak of. Tires were still fine, brake pads were without issue, everything was happy on the Miata. We just got straight to the point of shredding it, and despite the heat the Miata continues to be a standout car with amazing handling that is an absolute blast to shred around the track!

Useful Notes & Information Pertaining to Common Upgrades or Repairs on the NC Miata / MX5

There's a lot of information floating around pertaining to the NC Miata and common upgrades and repairs, but very little of it is all captured in one spot. It exists either in community information repeated endlessly on facebook and can be hard to discern from the truth, or buried in various forum posts. In an effort to consolidate and vet the information out there, I'm going to start documenting my findings here.



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