Track Day 33 -- PIR with Track Night in America

So this track night wasn't really about the Corvette, and was more about the first test run with the Honda Accordian. While I only drove the Corvette, most of my focus was on the Accordian, especially once it started having issues.

Track & AX weekend 2 - PIR, The Ridge & WMC AX @ Evergreen

Leading up to this event was Whirlwind of upgrades. Dave and myself spent nearly every other day for two weeks wrenching on the car to wrap up the last few bits like a brake upgrade and the accusump. However, with those in place we felt confident we were good to go. Unfortuantely, that demonstrated to be over confidence!

Autocross Weekend 1 - McKay High School

More info to come as I backdate the photos and content from this adventure.

Track & Race Reports

We'll document the track and race events reports here to capture the history of the vehicle, along with commerate all the adventures of taking the Accordion out!

Getting the Accordian -- The Backstory

I'm a social person. I like doing stuff, but I just don't enjoy doing it alone. When it came to motorsports, I kept inviting my friends, many of whom had talked about going for years, but it was always the same story: Oh I need to fix XYZ part, or I need to get around to installing this or that. They've always got a reason their car isn't perfect and so they don't go.

Phase 1 -- Getting the Car Track "Worthy"

So the first phase of the project started simple enough, get the car on the track. We have an entire team with pretty much zero track experience aside from myself, so we needed to get everybody at least a smattering of seat time. We don't need to be experts though, but at least posesses a modest awareness of ones surroundings and general procedures like entering, exiting, point-bys, etc etc.


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