C5 Alignment - A Collection of Starting Point Suggestions & What I Run

This page seeks to try and capture as much alignment suggestions as I can find for retention by the community at large. I also have a document with my "dialed in" suspension values you are welcome to play with as a starting point.

DISCLAIMER: Some of these values may contradict each other. There are a lot of combinations that work, and there are a lot of considerations such as control arm bushings, suspension configuration, tires, your local tracks demands, etc etc. A combination that will set a track record at one track may not nescessarily work well at another. Also your goals may vary. I for example want a well balanced setup that will work pretty darn well wherever I go, and has a slight penchant to oversteer so I can rotate on the tighter tracks I find myself on a lot. Other folks will adjust their suspension specifically to maximize the turns they can gain the most time in, knowingly sacrificing time in other turns, such as a clockwise track with big right handed sweepers and just the sporadic low speed left hander.

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Useful Information per Spec Corvette (09-05-2022)

  • Front Camber 2.7. Front Toe 0. Caster max.
  • Rear Camber 1.2. Rear Toe In 1/8.
  • 3.5" front 4" rear to frame jacking points.
    • (Jesse note: This is pretty much 2" lowered. I don't recommend this without 1" drop spindles and a bumpsteer kit)

Van Steel Alignment Specs: