2016 Jackson Rockstar Review

I've tried a LOT of playboats. I've hunted high and low trying to find what works best for me. One of the cool things about kayaking is that the equipment does make a notable difference. A lot of egomaniacs will try and go "rah rah rah it's not the boat it's the paddler!" and then promptly not be able to roll over an inflatable kayak because that shit just ain't true! The dynamics of a boat can be notably different.

2015/2016 Winter Progress (New engine, again)

Unfortunately for me, the winter car progress of 2015/2016 started off with a bang. Okay, more of a knocking. I went out to the Beach Barons Rod Run in Longbeach Wa with my Girlfriend. While out there, the car developed a faint tinging sound under acceleration. Metal on metal, it sounded like my fan had come loose. Not something beyond the realm of possibility for this car. Unfortunately, tightening up the fan bolts did nothing and the knocking became deafening under acceleration. Alas, I had rod knock.

Wavesport Project X 64

I love kayaking. I enjoy getting out on the river. Heck even when my day doesn't go right I just relax and soak in the place kayaking took me. I really enjoy screwing around kayaking as well. Boofing rocks, ripping into eddies, stern squirts, cartwheels when I can pull them off... I love playing around and just having a hoot with kayaking. It fills me with joy, gets my adrenaline needs out of the way, and helps me reset from the drag of the work week. So, when I tell you I want to take this boat into my back yard and shoot it full of holes...

Jackson Karma (Large)

Short version: In paddling, I'm a big fan of having a boat to make hard stuff easier, and a boat to make easy stuff harder. Between the two boats, you will always be challenge. The karma is my boat to make hard stuff easier. It's also my girlfriends, and the majority of our crews favorite boat.

2015 Jackson Kayak Zen (large)

Jackson Kayak Zen ontop of my Subaru Impreza

Current Overall Impression: I've sold this boat and have found other boats more enjoyable. The LARGE zen is just a straight up turd! See more about why below!

2 year, long term review. Rolling the Dagger Katana 10.4

Long Term Review: So the Katana is now the first and longest running white water boat I've owned. It's gotten me into boating, through a bunch of fun rapids, and it has introduced many a friend to boating. Thus far it's proven to be as durable as any other boat I've taken out and reliable as all heck. After trying various boast I sitll really dig the outfitting, and I have to say... it's quite the boat. I don't paddle it all that often as it's a big old boat, but when I do take it out I dig it!

RMR Rocky Mountain Rafts Storm 10.5 Review

I really love getting out for adventures. I love being outdoors, I love adrenaline, and I love getting away from it all to go camping. White water provides much of this for me, but taking a good amount of camping gear with you in kayaks weighs them down and really eats away at their primary advantage: being nimble. Also, as mentioned over in my review of the Tributary Tomcat Solo IK, I wanted something a bit more relaxing to take down the river.

Tributary Tomcat Solo VS Other Inflatables

This will be the section where I keep an ongoing review comparing the Tomcat Solo IK's to other IK's as I try them out!

NRS Outlaw I VS Tomcat Tributary Solo

Tributary Tomcat Solo IK Review

Some years back, I organized a whitewater kayaking trip with friends. At the time, all of my boats were hardshells, and I just kind of thought that was the way to fly. Some one I respect as a solid white water enthusiast joined up, and brought inflatable kayaks. I didn't fully understand why he was in an inflatable kayak at first, but he described the situation as follows:

Rane TTM56s cross fader dead zone

So the first thing I noticed when I hopped on the TTM56s to cut... there was a HUGE dead zone at the end of the fader. The 56 didn't have it... so what gives? I'd bought the mixer used off of Ebay, so understandably, I first blamed the previous owner. After doing some poking around and not seeing anything blatantly out of order, I took to the internet. Turns out, I'm not the only person! The solutions were jenky, and didn't work for me. For the expense of this mixer, and being a mixer from rane I was thoroughly unimpressed!


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