Tributary Tomcat Solo VS Other Inflatables

This will be the section where I keep an ongoing review comparing the Tomcat Solo IK's to other IK's as I try them out!

NRS Outlaw I VS Tomcat Tributary Solo

Tributary Tomcat Solo IK Review

Some years back, I organized a whitewater kayaking trip with friends. At the time, all of my boats were hardshells, and I just kind of thought that was the way to fly. Some one I respect as a solid white water enthusiast joined up, and brought inflatable kayaks. I didn't fully understand why he was in an inflatable kayak at first, but he described the situation as follows:

Rane TTM56s cross fader dead zone

So the first thing I noticed when I hopped on the TTM56s to cut... there was a HUGE dead zone at the end of the fader. The 56 didn't have it... so what gives? I'd bought the mixer used off of Ebay, so understandably, I first blamed the previous owner. After doing some poking around and not seeing anything blatantly out of order, I took to the internet. Turns out, I'm not the only person! The solutions were jenky, and didn't work for me. For the expense of this mixer, and being a mixer from rane I was thoroughly unimpressed!

Rane TTM-56s VS TTM-56

This is a review of the Rane TTM56s, and will mostly contain information for those who are faced with the deciscion of seeing the differences between the original and the successor model. Some information is also available in sub pages of this review relating to maintenance and other aspects of the mixer.

Basic Technical differences:

Adding the Beretta kick off system

I tend to research what I have more than nescessary. I was reading the manual and looking through various video, when I noticed the optional kick off system Beretta offers on their shotguns. It's a hydraulic system using two gas pistons to help reduce felt recoil. I was interested to discover if my shotgun had the system in place... and it sure did not. Not entirely surprising as my shotguns former owner seemed like a salt of the earth hunting type, given the condition I received it in.

Aftermarket Coolant Overflow Tank

So what will surely be a long and ongoing project with my 1968 C3 corvette, is cleaning up the engine bay. Much of the parts are rusty, and have just been sitting without any attenion for a long time. The coolant overflow tank was on such neglected item. Everything about it was covered and rust and engine bay grime. I took the part out and... sure enough all of the beast wast rusted apart and failing. It was cheap stamped steel, and I'm amazed it had held up like it did.

C3 Corvette Headlight Cowl Delete

If you're at all familiar with the 1968-1972 corvettes, you've undoubtedly born witness to the insanity that is the headlight cowl. In an effort to hide the headlights, Chevy added a cowl that covers them up during normal operation. To be able to use them they devised a system that lifts the cowl up to expose the wipers... which required vacuum to lift. To prevent the wipers from going too early or too soon, the vacuum doors trigger a switch allowing power to the whiper motor.

Lackluster midrange response -- Overhaul

With the Corvette now on the West side of the country at my house, I was taking it out for a spin and noticed a real drag of a problem: at sustained 1/4 to 1/3 throttle acceleration, the car started sputtering and just didn't put power down until I got all the way on the throttle. Sure, if I jummed the pedal to the floor it would power through,but the more I had driven the Corvette, the more I came to realize I wanted it as a comfortable street cruiser. Sure, it's a powerful brute of an engine, but good for the street none-the-less due to it's wide torque curve.

Hexagon basket

Recently, I've been playing a lot of disc golf. I play a decent amount, but it's been forefront on my mind the past few weeks, and I've been digging it. I went out to the field nearby my house to practice throwing discs, while simultaneously letting my dog roam free. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that without a target, gauging any gains from changing up my form was pretty tough. I could see consistency, and judge on how it felt physically... but that was about it. This got me thinking about a DIY disc golf basket again.

Initial unpacking, lake paddle and roll practice

The Fluid Spice was waiting for me when I returned back to my house after 10 months away. Shipping has always been prompt for me from Fluid, and this was no exception, as I expected to beat the boat home but was pleasantly surprised that my renters had put it in the garage.


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