2017 Trek Fuel EX 8 Buildout - 27.5+

In the fall of 2017 I found myself with some extra time on my hands and the whitewater runs to have been overly charged. I needed additional exercise in my life that included cardio, as in whitewater kayaking you distinctly avoided being tapped out on air as at any given moment you may need to be underwater for a (hopefully) short stint. I also used to mountain bike back in the day, and then spent a lot of time doing motocross.

2018 - New Master Cylinder, Rocker Panels, and Wiper cover reinstall

So a new trend with the Corvette seems to be jamming in a lot of visual and/or functional chunks of work right before the annual Rod Run To The End of the World. This year appeared to be no exception, with a few items standing out that I could wrap up to improve the overall look and performance of the Corvette.

SSBC Polished Aluminum Master Cylinder

2015+ Jackson 4fun - A not very fun boat that is basically your mean spirited ex-girlfriend

Doesn't the fun look like a great boat in that picture? Nice and vertical, long controllable ends, the bow is down and balanced. It looks pretty sick right?

Long term review (1 year of ownership)

I've now been paddling the Antix for a little over a year. It's been the boat I paddled the most, to the point I'd say I paddle it about 85% of the time I go out. I've paddled it on class 4, I've taken it over waterfalls, I've taken it on approaching flood stage rivers and I've done nearly all of my casual paddling in it. Often when I am getting on new water, I'll debate whether to take the Antix or not. My creek boat is never a guaranteed improvement over the Antix, as the Antix boofs amazingly well and has such exceptional manuevability.

Jackson Nirvana, Zen and Karma large's... all compared, all pictured side by side

It's nice to have good friends. It's even better when they're similar enough builds to you, and the best when they all also paddle Jackson Kayaks. That was the story of getting on the river today. The Nirvana large had just hit the local paddle shop, and one friend had already swooped it up. I brought my large Karma, and another friend brought their large zen. We thus had all the large offerings from Jackson that can really be compared. The antix I suppose could go in here since you can creek with it...

2017 - Install Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Line on the C3 Corvette

With the Corvette progressing further and further along I have begun to find that little details which didn't matter before are starting to stand out in contrast to the excellent work next to it. These little details are both annoying and enticing, as they stick out in stark contrast to the excellent features (annoying), but are tasks I can easily handle (enticing). Most recently, with the latest 383 build in the corvette along with the engine bay painted and tidied up, it occured to me that the cheap rubber fuel line and tin fuel filter jangling around just wasn't cutting it.


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