Track Day 03 - No changes but all fun @ Button Willow CW 13

After the first two track days, I was gunning to hit my third track day with some notable upgrades. Unfortunately shipping woes would not allow it as two of my incoming tires dissappeared. How two of 4 tires all sent out at the same time go missing is beyond me, but eh that's not my problem as I was later sent out two tires.

It was a very warm track day with a high temperature of 103, and I hit my new highest oil engine temperatures at approximately 282F. I believe part of why my new highest engine oil temperature occured was that this track allows for carrying smoe notable speed and can be very much run at wide open throttle throughout much of the track.

In the end though, I had fun, met some other folks with C5 Corvettes, got to pass a bunch of people and had an absolute blast. I look forward to going back to this track when temperatures aren't as extreme!

Youtube Video: