Track Day 12- Streets of Willow CW - AMT Differential Mount

So my 12th track day is now in the books. The temperatures were again quite cold and windy. As with last time I struggled a bit with tire temperatures and traction, but dropped my tire pressures a bit further and seemed to get better traction. I also adjusted my suspenson just a bit, which yielded fairly positive results.

I did not beat my best lap time of 1:27.24 last time, but I did manage to run over a dozen laps, so I feel pretty solid about being able to run around that speed at this track.

Given I had just been at the track the weekend prior, not much new car work occured. I did take it upon myself to finally install my AMT Differential Mount. Could I tell the difference in my cars handling? Not an iota. Could I tell a difference in ride quality? Not really. Could I tell a difference as far as transfer of vibrations and sound to the car? Or dear god yes! I'm not actually sure if this modification was worth it for me and this car honestly and I can't say I'd recommend it. I followed the directions exactly like they had in their youtube video, and now my drivetrain makes a horrible whine above 40mph applying anything more than maintenance throttle. It's headache inducing. Also my clutch actuation around town sounds quite mechanical and clunky and in general it just makes the car sound a lot more concerning while not yielding much of an improvement in felt performance. In defense of AMT though, this car is older, it's likely still a stock clutch, and I've beat the crap out of it around a track. More than likely, it just made the final swan song of my clutch that much more obvious. It's on my radar as a not so distant upgrade to my C5.