Ongoing Work Schedule + Notes

An ongoing list of remaining repairs to restore the Corvette to fully sorted status:

  1. Small tasks I can do inbetween big tasks:
    1. Update brake master cylinder to polished aluminum. Better look, lighter weight.
    2. Instal billet aluminum pulley Serpentine conversion (fancy belt, expensive)
    3. Shock tower spread bar kit (available here)
    4. Aftermarket clutch linkage (available here)
    5. Update voltage regulator to solid state (info here)
  2. 2018/19 Winter (General appearance)
    1. Full length hood or wiper door replacement or other alternative.
    2. Gussy up internal hoses
      1. AN Hoses for coolant
        1. Radiator top to coolant overflow 
          1. Radiator top: Unknown diameter.
          2. Coolant Overflow: Unknown thread.
        2. Water pump to coolant overflow
          1. WP: Unknown size
          2. Coolant Overflow: Unknown thread.
        3. Intake manifold to heater core
          1. Intake: Unknown thread
          2. HCore: Unknown diameter
        4. heater core to coolant overflow
          1. HCore: Unknown diameter
          2. Intake: Unknown thread.
      2. Black clamps for radiator to intake manifold (1.9" or so
        1. (Likely these)
        2. Gates powergrip hose clamps as alternative
    3. Move ignition coil from intake to mounted on engine wall.
      1. Example side mount ignition coil
    4. Foam/rubber throughout for window seals, etc.
  3. 2019/20 Winter (Interior)
    1. Replace inner door panels.
    2. Figure out customization to make this a true "Nicola" car.
    3. Replace all carpets
      1. OEM style carpet kit (Available here)
    4. Redo seats. Add bolster?
    5. Replace chrome bits throughout.
    6. Side view mirrors? Rearview mirror?
  4. 2020/2021 Winter or maybe beyond?
    1. Replace Body Bushings
    2. Get all doors lined up, clean up all lines/fit.
    3. Get car painted white with dad's ashes in the paint.
    4. Replace all rubber weather strips so as it can keep rain out if need be.