Aftermarket Coolant Overflow Tank

So what will surely be a long and ongoing project with my 1968 C3 corvette, is cleaning up the engine bay. Much of the parts are rusty, and have just been sitting without any attenion for a long time. The coolant overflow tank was on such neglected item. Everything about it was covered and rust and engine bay grime. I took the part out and... sure enough all of the beast wast rusted apart and failing. It was cheap stamped steel, and I'm amazed it had held up like it did.

So, given that this Corvette can never really truly be resorted to original, I can do things like upgrade to an aftermarket C3 corvette overflow tank. Unfortunately... this option wasn't as easy as I had hoped for. The original tank had 4 connections. One to water pump, one to hearter care, one to radiator, and one for overflow. Finding a perfect fit item just wasn't going to happen. After a lot of research, I found this:

This seemed to be my best option. I could run a T joint off the bottom that would connect up the heater core and water pump, use one of the side connectors for the radiator, and then run a drain off the top. 4 connectons. The holes on the back for bolting up are also excellent and will allow me to quickly secure it in the engine bay.

More to come on this part of the project!