2016/2017 Chasis & Suspension Completion

2015/2016 was based primarily around the front suspension and some other chasis aspects. 2017 was based around wrapping up the rear suspension and chasis, getting big tires, and fixing the sloppy work done on the front (note to self: Stick to Carl's Alignment here in Vancouver for quality work).

The plan began simple enough: Redo all suspension and chasis. Brakes are already fully redone with new caliperrs, brake line, and master cylinder. Front chasis for suspension and steering is mostly done (less one passenger side lower control arm that has been replaced). The rear surely needed it as the parking brake was gutted due to it sticking and nearly lighting the rear end on fire, surely cooing a bearing in the process. While in there replace everything and upgrade since the cost wasn't monumentally more.

The redone parts are as follows:

  • Vansteel double offset trailing arms (arm offset to allow wide wheels, spring offset to allow wider wheels, requiring a shorter spring)
  • Shortened 315lb transverse fiberglass spring (from Vanspring, 300lbs was cruise, 350 was somewhat aggressive small block driving. Right inbetween seemed fair for a convertible cruiser)
  • Adjustable rear strut rods.
  • New disc brake shields in the rear, new bearings (with spacers to install properly).
  • New rear spindle (passenger side) that bearings ride on. Hub as well I believe?
  • Parking brake kit (stainless steel components / cables).
  • Front lower control arm, passenger side. Original was bent in an accident, pushing out bushing that was replaced. New lower control arm took care of the issue.
  • Steel rally wheels. 15x8", 4.5" backspacing. Normal c3 wheels have 4" backspacing. The extra half inch was fine with the double offset trailing arms and helped keep the tires inboard to fit in the wheel well.
  • 2x Cooper Cobra Radial GT 275/60R15