Track Day 15-16 - SOW CW+CCW And New PB's in each direction!

Another track weekend, and more success! The Miata continues to hold up pretty good! Aside from needing to change the front brake pads, the car conintues to go very easy on consumables. The Hankook Ventus RS4 tires continue to show minimal wear but deliver exceptional grip as well. The car also served double duty again as I had a student in a bit too much car for the track and we instead had them hop in the NC Miata for their last session and they loved it!

Boh set a personal best going in both directions, each incidentally .01 seconds within each other!

Track addicts lap data of Boh's personal best time running CCW on the first day, a time of 1:34.966

Above is Boh's best time on the first day, turning a 1:34.96 running Streets of Willow Counterclockwise.

Track addicts lap data of Boh's best time at SOW running CW, a ton of 1:34.979

Above is Boh's best lap on the second day turning a 1:34.97 at Streets of Willow Clockwise.

Some takeaways from the trackday as far as the NC Miata is concerned:

  • Overall, the car remains excellent. Low consumable wear and demonstrating itself to be very durable.
  • We're still waiting for the engine to die before we 2.5 swap the motor on this puppy to give it some more gusto, and at the current rate it seems like it might be quite a while before that happens.
  • Brake feel remains excellent with EBC Yellow street/track pads. There is a lot of hate for EBC but it seems they've turned whatever problems they had around and it's worked great for us. We're now on our third set of track pads.
  • The Ebay front splitter is almost more gorilla tape than splitter at this point. A new one is likely in order. What can you expect for $80 from ebay though. It's a consumable, and such is life.
  • The Black Bird Fabworks adjustable Lexan Spoiler does the trick. Boh was having some rear end stability issues and did manage to spin out. We typically just run the spoiler on the lowest setting, so we tried adding a bit of extra height to it and Boh did seem to notice the improvement in stability and was also able to set several personal bests.

Fun Little Video of Boh Out on the Track