Track Day 1 & 2 - NC Miatas first and VERY successfull track day!

The NC Miata was finally ready for the track! We'd put all the time and effort and prep into we could fathom to take it from it's initial state of a salvage title moron owned car into a ready to go fun track car. We'd found all the stupid things the previous owner had damaged, determined all the things he didn't even know (the rear coilovers ARE Adjustable dude) and then added all the nescessary bits to ensure a reasonable amount of safety and a reasonable amount of durability. The car got 245 Federal 595RS-RR's, which are in gross excess of what this car needs for traction, a rollbar, a bunch of durability upgrades to common failure points up front, and the coilovers that were already on there were dialed in. EBC track day brake pads were put on, brake lines were all bled with RBF600, fluid changed out for 5w30 to ensure it can hold up to long sessions on hot track days... and we were MORE than ready!

The largest initial reason for purchasing this car was to provide a learning opportunity for my girlfriend to learn to drive a manual and then get into track days. The car's additional and equally important purpose was to serve as a backup car for myself and friends so we can all hit the track. Turns out... this car performed that duty honorably and was downright amazing at it!

Throughout the weekend, not only would it honorably serve Boh for learning to drive, but myself and my two other friends in the more advanced run groups all had some sort of car issue throughout the weekend. I blew threw brake pads and both of my friends blew through their tires. We all hopped in the Miata, and the response was always "That car should not be that amazing!"

The Miata was an excellent and exceptionally well balanced car. What it lacked in outright power, it had in gobs of traction. Beyond that, the platform itself was very predictable and easy to control. All of us, even my novice girlfriend, got the rear to step out a bit. Recovery was easy and intuitive, meaning all of us could hop in the car with almost no experience with it and manage to put down pretty fast laps times and have an absolutely enjoyable time.

Takeaways from the track day:

  • We need a race seat and harnesses in there pretty quick. You can run this thing hard enough the OEM seat belt doesn't cut it. You can tighten it down like crazy then pop it really fast to lock yourself down somewhat... but it's still not ideal.
  • We need a lower seating position for all of us. None of us are short, and we need better helmet clearance, even with the tall bar.
  • The clutch was already crappy and the primary/secondary cylinder combo was likely shot from the previous moron owning it, resulting in extra clutch wear. That will all get replaced.
  • The car under hard corner rubs the tires on the body something fierce. Fender flares are in order at some point
  • The girlfriend needs shifting practice. We'll suffice with downshifitng after a turn at the next track day to get some extra speed, we'll eventually get her downshifting before a turn, and eventuallllly we'll get her to downshift in the braking zone with heel toe... but that's a ways away!