Square Setup Wheels/Tires + 315/30R18 Falken RT615K+

Given I've got a post about this car running square with the 305/35R18 Federal 595RS-RR's, it only seems appropriate I review the car with the 305/35R18 Falken RT615K+ tires. For what it's worth, if you are interested in going square, and haven't read my original post, check it out. There's some details in there covering a few considerations of going square in general that you may want to read about.

If I was just going after LOOKS, and not outright performance... the 305/35R18 tires lowered takes up much more of the wheel well and just LOOK better and honestly present as beefier tires. On my drive to the track my girlfriend commented at how much smaller my tires looked. When I told her they were actually wider, she refused to believe it and said I must be getting my math wrong! So... aesthetically... these are inferior.

Day to day life wise, these don't rub like my old 305/35R18s did when turning the steering wheel. Granted, I only experienced this issue with the 305/35R18s when turning at full lock and it never damaged anything... it was still annoying. You won't get that with the 315/30R18s.

Chassis setup wise... I was right in my assesment for my 15th track day that it adds 3/4" of height, and thus if you are lowering the car your control arms will be 3/4" further out of their intended starting point.

Track performance wise, these are a notalbe improvement, but they don't really tell you early something is going awry like the Federals do. So if you're not advanced enough to adapt to a subtle but fairly unnaounced loss of traction... don't get these.

Street wise, Sure these are fine but I don't see why you'd get them though given their notable price AND their low distance rating of at best 15k miles. Who wants to blow almost $2k on tires every 5 oil changes or so? If I were just streeting this car, I definitely wouldn't be getting these. Plus the low feedback is definitely not something you'd want to be dealing with out on the street either if you are actually pushing it.