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Right Out of The Box and initial impressions

TheTaurus 740 isn't particularly exciting in the box. It's not an amazing box, the packaging wasn't anything special, and my particular gun was supposed to come with two magazines and only shipped with a single magazine. That was sort of a bummer, but in the end I got an even further discoutn on the gun, so to me it was worth it. Really though I bought a gun not a box... so if this deters you from buying the gun you shouldn't buy a gun to begin with!

1993 Kawasaki Vulcan Rebuild

The Beginning of the End...


I remember my first week out on my own better than I remember the first girl I dated. I was sitting there in my shoebox studio apartment, thinking that I could damn well do whatever the hell I wanted! I could do anything no matter how wise, short sighted, or how many times my parents had told me never to even consider it! The world was mine for the taking.

It's all been downhill since then...


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