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Rough Cut -- Fire 2013 Set first take

So I'm DJing a party again... after 5-6 years or so now. I'm rusty behind the decks for sure and don't have my song memorized anymore like I used to, but I threw together a set I'll be polishing up between here and the event. Enjoy an early sneak peak!

...and then it dies...

So it was time to take the Vulcan out for a longer and more accurate shakedown of how it would spend it's life. I hopped on the bike and took the hour long commute into work that I drive every day. It's all highway driving and at a good speed, so it's highly representative of what the motorcycle would be enduring. It rode fairly well the entire way, with nothing blatantly wrong, although there were some quirks here or there and it felt anemic on power...

New Shoes and My first ride on the bike!

Despite the relatively steady progress I had initially with the bike, completing the Vulcan 500 brought me to a near standstill. Perhaps it was the other projects I had going on, perhaps it was returning to work full time again after my injury... or maybe I was just stalling on the bike until my leg worked well enough to actually ride the beast. Whatever the story may be...

Score one for local gun shops, and a few more negatives for Taurus.

Rapid Fire Arms Sandy Oregon

So the story of the Taurus 740 contiues, although this is a rather short section. I'd continually read that Taurus customer service sucks, and I have to agree at this point per my experiences. They're relatively numerous thus far, and I hope they do not continue to get worse.

Day 11 -- Running again!

The bikes runs and lives and is all put back together! It even looks nice!

Day Four To Ten -- While waiting I fixed the air filter, petcock, gas cap, and seat release

Cabin fever will make you do crazy things. Fortunately for me, my crazy is limited to hobling around my garage on crutches and highly addictive pain killers trying to fix up a motorcycle... the very same kind of contraption that got me on those crutches to begin with. I obviously don't learn lessons like I should.

Day Four to Ten -- Dealing with the RUSTY TANK and then waiting....

First and foremost, I had to get the gas in the tank out. It's surely been there since 2004, gross. I dumped it all out, and the gas was brown and muddy. Not a great sign at all... I then washed the gas tank out lightly with water, and hit the interior as much as I could with an air compressor to blow it out. Next up I hit it with a heat gun for about 20-30 minutes or so to dry it out thoroughly. Lastly, I took a pencil propane torch into the puppy and tried to burn out any remaining gas. There was none to be found it would seem. Success... oh wait...

Day Three -- Video of run and ride, cleaning, tire thoughts

Today I got my Girlfriend to ride the bike around. I wish I could, but the whole recovering broken leg thing is dangerous to get on a motorcycle again. I'm pushing it just working on and around the bike. Anyways, she hopped on and took it for a spin. She drove around my neighborhood, then on side roads to the elementary school by me. She spent some time in the empty parking lot doing some figure 8's to get used to the bike and see what it did for handling, then drove back to my house.


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