Track Day 6 - Now with a better seat and a 4 point Harness! Streets of Willow Counter Clockwise

So the Miata made it out to yet another track day, this time at Streets of Willow (SOW) Counter Clockwise (CCW). Boh was driving the car, and the track day was focused primarily on her working with an instructor to continue to improve her shifting and driving in general.

Boh was able to set a lap time equal to her previous best lap times clockwise (CW), which to me is impressive since I am 2 seconds slower between the two directions.

Track Day 12- Streets of Willow CW - AMT Differential Mount

So my 12th track day is now in the books. The temperatures were again quite cold and windy. As with last time I struggled a bit with tire temperatures and traction, but dropped my tire pressures a bit further and seemed to get better traction. I also adjusted my suspenson just a bit, which yielded fairly positive results.

Track Day 11- Streets of Willow CW - Delrin Bushings

The time between these last few track days was quite significant, clocking in at over 30 days. I generally am trying to run at least a track day a month, so this was quite the gap from that goal. However California was having a ton of rainy weather, which when combined with the Holidays meant that I had a large gap to tackle a project on the C5 I'd long been neglecting, installing Delrin bushings from Borg Motorsports.

Service / Modification Notes

This page will serve as a place for me to keep notes on various details about maintaining and servicing the bike. It is currently in it's infancy, but will grow to contain useful information that I will likely need to refer back to at any given point.

Oil Changes:

Oil weight: 10w-40 winter 10w50 for 90+ degree days

My oil of preference remains Honda GN4. Best for the price, best additives package, I trust it.

Oil Capacity with filter change:

Initial Setup & Test Ride

One thing I cannot deny is that when I get a new toe, I get an itch to go shred it! Unfortunately for my bike but fortunately for the local extreme drought, it had been raining a ton lately. That meant I simply couldn't really take the bike out to a lot of the trail systems, both because they were a soupy mess, but also because the other riders I knew weren't interested in riding in the wet.

2006 Yamaha WR250F

Dirtbiking is something I used to love doing but fell out of. The reasons were numerous at the time, but one of the largest contributors was a lack of space to work on my bike combined with a KTM that just demanded constant work. Dealing with that bike burnt me out and made me miss my far less maintenance intensive Yamaha's. I sold the KTM, the friends I dirt biked with got out of it, and so I moved onwards to other hobbies.

C5 Alignment - Starting Point Suggestions

This is a very much ongoing document that is currently in the early phases. I am trying to capture as much information here as I can for retention by the community at large along along with establishing baseline suggestions. I will also create a document with my dialed in suspension values you are welcome to play with as a starting point for a car that is driven almost exclusively on the track, but setup to be able to be driven to and from the track.


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