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Hexagon basket

Recently, I've been playing a lot of disc golf. I play a decent amount, but it's been forefront on my mind the past few weeks, and I've been digging it. I went out to the field nearby my house to practice throwing discs, while simultaneously letting my dog roam free. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that without a target, gauging any gains from changing up my form was pretty tough. I could see consistency, and judge on how it felt physically... but that was about it. This got me thinking about a DIY disc golf basket again.

Initial unpacking, lake paddle and roll practice

The Fluid Spice was waiting for me when I returned back to my house after 10 months away. Shipping has always been prompt for me from Fluid, and this was no exception, as I expected to beat the boat home but was pleasantly surprised that my renters had put it in the garage.

2014 Fluid Spice Review (Large)

The smoking wheel... Parking brake stuck partially engaged!

The Corvette gods just didn't seem to want to let me have a working Corvette. After all the headache to get the corvette back, the better part of sorted, inspected, and registered... I drive home and smoke is billowing out of the right rear wheel. Awesome, I now can't risk the Corvette for fear of it catching on fire, or a wheel seizing or something else exciting.

Alternator bracket woes

When I picked up the corvette from the shop, I was informed that there was an issue getting the belt tension correct. Apparantly the bracket wasn't correct and no amount of changing belts would fix it, there was simply no room for adjustability. I was a bit confused since the Corvette still probably possesed many cobbled together systems from my father. I also wasn't about to wait to pay the shop to endlessly bang their head against a wall any longer either.

Corvette Overhaul: 383 Stroker

The Corvette, now at least driveable and with definitive proof it was being fueld properly and surviving, was driven by me for a few months, but persisted to nag at me. The need for race fuel was a giant headache, and made it impossible to go beyond a half tanks distance from my house safely. Running it on too low an octane fuel would cause detonation, possibly to probably resulting in internal engine damage. Add that to the fact that at 8mpg and roughly $12 for a mixture of race and pump gas the car cost $1.25/mile, the whole thing seemed ludicrous.

Initial State, Initial Engine Dyno Tuning (350 sbc)

The Corvette came to me in very rough shape. Despite having had a myriad of extended family friends swear the Corvette was worth 40,000 dollars, the Corvette didn't even want to run. With some work and tinkering, we were able to get it to barely scoot along. Replacing the spark plugs introduced major concern, as one of the ceramic centers had been blown out. Those are very hard and thick pieces, and don't just dissappear. Something was woefully wrong. Ontop of that, 10 years of squirrels and mice had moved in and out of the Corvette. It was in rough shape, and needed a lot of attention.

1968 Chevy Corvette

One of my fathers prized posessions was his 1968 Chevy Corvette. It was a pearl white classic muscle car, that he was proud of. It overloaded your senses when whisking you down the road, and was an experience to be had for sure. It was my fathers pride, one more thing to prove he can build anything with the best of anybody.

2014 Jackson Superhero

More beginner usage, more comparison

The Dagger Katana came out yet for two more beginner trips, and with much the same results. Notable primary stability (not leaned over), good secondary stability (leaned over) and adequate to good agility. The boat is still very difficult for a beginner to paddle straight, but the skeg as always makes short work of that issue in the flats. Typically I start a beginner with the skeg down for straight aways, and then slolwy reduce the amount of skeg as time goes on. By the end of the trip they're doing good.


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