NC Miata -- Track Hubs RX8 Front + Mazdaspeed Rears

So when it comes to nearly all of the Miatas (NA-NC) the wheel hubs are a known weak point. They can fail, sometimes catastrophically, leaving the wheels up front just held on by the brake caliper, and in the rear the brake caliper and maybe the axle if you're lucky. If that doesn't sound terrifying, well then you're  just a special kind of something.

The known solution largely has been to utilize the RX8 hubs up front, and the RX8 hubs in the rear. The front is fairly straight forward and mostly just bolts right up, however the rears requires swapping out a wide variety of parts and runs into the thousands to repair if you're getting mostly new parts. On a budget track car, especially a lightweight momentum car like the NC Miata, that's a bit ridiculous.

On our track Miata we went with the RX8 hubs up front as they are readily available from a variety of locations and bolt right on.

When it comes to the rear though, a recent development (2023) from Mazdaspeed has a new option for beefier hub flanges and bearings that all fit right onto an OEM setup. Here's the only additional information I could find:

More information to come if we proceed with this option or not. I'm also waiting to see if other folks have had any success with them before we put them on our Miata. For what it's worth, the pace being run by my Girlfriend and other drivers who are novices is likely not taxing the bearings excessively, and I am under the impression should hold fine for some additional time.