Adding the Beretta kick off system

I tend to research what I have more than nescessary. I was reading the manual and looking through various video, when I noticed the optional kick off system Beretta offers on their shotguns. It's a hydraulic system using two gas pistons to help reduce felt recoil. I was interested to discover if my shotgun had the system in place... and it sure did not. Not entirely surprising as my shotguns former owner seemed like a salt of the earth hunting type, given the condition I received it in. While disassembling the shotgun to discover what it had or did not have, I discovered the internal plastic spacer that takes up the space the kick off would normally use was broken. Given that I needed to replace it, I figured I might as well spend the money towards upgrading to the kick off system.

The system is currently on it's way to me in the mail. When I get it I will document installing it, and then post the experience of myself and others who shot the gun both before and after. To help provide comparison, this shotgun has usually been shot alongside 3-4 other shotguns, and this shotgun consistently was regarded as having the most kick. I will bring the other shotguns as well to help provide a better comparison.