2014 Fluid Spice Review (Large)

I'm a bit of a sucker for good deals. I also like having enough things to share, I like trying new things, and I'm not broke. This has been the perfect combination of criteria twice now for me with Fluid Kayaks. Fluid kayks had two giant blowout sales of both their 2013 and 2014 kayaks. I missed some good opportunities with the 2013 kayaks, and wound up buying a play boat (their large dope). The boat itself was pretty darn good, but when I had to travel accross the country and had space for 4 kayaks, I let the playboat go as I am not much of a playboater. Then came the second sale, and I picked up a 2014 Fluid Spice in size large.

First off, let me just say I am NOT the best person to be reviewing this boat. However, I was a bit  surprised and then concerned about the boat having searched endlessly online for information about the boat, and the reviews were sporadic, often biased because they were from team riders, and none were from the last 4 years. So, what you will find here is a review from somebody with no affiliation with Fluid kayaks, who is an "aggressive beginner" but not all that great yet. Still learning to catch the bigger waves, my roll is spotty as heck at the time I first got the kayak... but hell it's something where there is nothing, and hopefully it will be helpful to somebody out there.