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Score one for local gun shops, and a few more negatives for Taurus.

Rapid Fire Arms Sandy Oregon

So the story of the Taurus 740 contiues, although this is a rather short section. I'd continually read that Taurus customer service sucks, and I have to agree at this point per my experiences. They're relatively numerous thus far, and I hope they do not continue to get worse.

First of all... they don't do email. This is my biggest gripe EVER. It's 2013 and even my grandmother has figured out how to use email. Anytime you don't use email as a business, to me that says you don't want to be able to directly communicate with customers. It's a choice to inentionally limit and control the stream of customers. The reasons for making such a choice are plentiful... staffing issues, budget issues... whatever the story though it's a blatant choice in this day and age for inferior customer service.

So if you want to reach Taurus, you now have to take time out of your day to call them. This may not seem like a big deal right, I mean, what's 5 minutes? How about 30 minutes? How about an hour and a half wait time every single time that you call in and still no answer! I don't know about you, but I can't think of the last time I had an uninterrupted hour and a half to just sit on a phone and wait for the hopes of an answer... which I never even got. So yeah, I never even managed to speak to Taurus. Huge negative!

The last negative gripe about Taurus, is their hours. Since they are email only, you'd expect a nice wide range of hours... except they don't. They're based in Florida so they operate on EST... that means if you live here on the west coast, you get out of work and they've long stopped answering calls! Good news though, you can get up 3 hours before work and sit on the phoen for almost the entire time waiting to hopefully reach somebody at Taurus! I've always been a decent morning person, but NOBODY is that good of a morning person.

Rapid Fire Arms in Sandy Oregon to the Rescue

So I purchased this gun at Rapid Fire Arms in Sandy Oregon. This is a local(ish) gun shop somewhat in my area. I can't get too specific because I'm really trying to keep this blog seperate from the real me for job interviews and what not! Anyways, they've got a pretty good selection of fiearms, and occassionally they are fairly competitive for price on ammo. In general though they're just a litle more expensive thant he cheap high volumen shops in the area... and really you can't blame them they are a small shop in a small town not moving as much volume.

I reached out to Rapid Firearms concerning the woe I'd had with the gun I had purchased from them. They immediately took ownership of the issue and said they would get Taurus to take care of the issue, and get a shipping label, and then I could just drop the gun off at the store and they'd handle it. All in a two minute phone call that only rang three times before being answered. Taurus could learn a thing or two about customer service from them.

Anyways, Rapid Fire Arms website isn't much to look at it and a bit outdated for content I would say since they list guns online I want but I know aren't in the store... but if you're in the area, you would do well to shop with them as their service is excellent.