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PT740 comes back, and is unmanagable... sold it!

The Taurus PT740 came back after being gone for three weeks, and had been reworked by Taurus. I'm not exactly happy that would I essentially did was a short term loan with Taurus, but... what are you going to do? I knew I was taking a risk with this gun.

I took the gun out to shoot, and sure enough it cycled every time and the trigger worked... but at the expense of turning the gun into a hand bruiser. I'm by no means light handed, and I do plenty of welding and other tasks with my hands so I'm not exactly soft either. This gun kicks and it kicks hard right into the webbing of your hand. It downright bruises your hands and hurts. Then, the gun has the most intense muzzle flip I've ever experienced. The gun is left pointing clear up to the horizon. It's inaccurate as all with the crappy trigger feel at the end, and the kick stings so hard a follow up shot isn't even the cards... and I just gave up.

I sold the gun to a coworker. I have him fair warning that I hated it, but for the price I sold it at he didn't seem to care.

I cannot recommend this gun. It's really a shame as from a table top standpoint it's amazing. It completely fits my needs and desires in a concealed carry handgun, in theory better than anything else available on the market! However, when the rubber needs to meet the road, it crashes miserably, burning up in a giant fireball of failure.