Palmetto State Arms Lower Parts Kit

A lot of people were pretty convinced that Hillary clinton was going to win the election in 2016. I know that the media, polls, and social media surely made it seem like she had it all but bagged up. I thought the same as well, and even though I had a surprise insight into the nations pulse on the topic: gun sales. Gun sales were going especially bonkers leading up to the Election, which to me indicated that people who traditionally lean right in their voting tendencies weren't feeling all that confident either.

For this reason, I decided to purchase some budget AR components. Lowers, lart parts kits, that sort of thing. The last time a gun craze had hit, I turned $200 of lowers into $1200. I picked up some cheap polymer lowers, and then I picked up some Palemtto State Armory parts kits to complete my builds. I figured... worse case scenario I lose 30%, best case scenario I make 300%. Pretty safe gamble really!

Overall opinion: I will not personally use these again, although for friends doing budget builds I will recommend them.

I picked up two different parts kids. One Magpul parts kit less the fire control group, and one bottom of the barrel full parts kits. With both, the takedown pins were almost inoperable they were machine so poorly. The remainder of the components were all rather shoddy, and the mil-spec trigger they shipped with was gritty with a heavy 8lb trigger pull weight.

I suppose what more could I expect from them. They offer bottom of the barrel pricing, and are really just there for budget builds. I was hoping that the kit less the fire control group would work well, as I could place some high end triggers in and just let the cheap basic stuff be cheap basic stuff... but no Palmetto State Armory managed to even botch that.

In future builds, I will personally look to use ALG defense's lower parts kits. They've treated me good. I've also used DPMS with great success, minus their triggers of course, those are garbage compared to what you can get when compared to the budget price of the ALG ACT, or Geisselle if you're lucky enough to catch a black friday sale on triggers!