Durable And Renewable Off Grid Power Solution

This is all currently very much something I am researching at this time, but the operating theory is my Fiance and I will need to persist for notable periods of time off grid. I need to work remote so power will be essential, and my Fiance will need to study and take her courses for her masters degree.

A lithium ion battery is continually touted as the golden standard to maximize energy storage and discharge, along with battery life. Beyond that, solar power will be an essential part of being off grid to keep the power. Solar can be used to charge the batteries while we're out on adventures as well like kayaking or snowboarding or mountain biking, unlike a generator. The solar can also just supplement our power usage during the day to maximize how far the batteries go.

There are other pieces to the puzzle as well it would seem. The onboard converter is likely junk. We'll need to figure out how to make more things work with 12v such as laptop chargers, cell signal boosters, 4g lte hotspots... all that off grid jazz. Ontop of that my girlfriend likes to stay warm and we're hoping to go out in the winter to get early slopeside access, so that means we'll be running the heat a healthy amount. While the heat itself is propane, the fan is not and I've been told consumes notable power.

Video with good 101 level technical information for researching products:

Lithium Ion Battery WITH Bluetooth, 100ah ($680, requires charger?):